About Us


International High Visibility Clothing Association (IHVCA) is a non-profit trade association representing manufacturers, distributors, research institutes, and users who care about the safety benefits of high visibility clothing. In order to improve safety, IHVCA applies its technical expertise to upgrade current high visibility clothing standards, with an emphasis on increased retro-reflectivity and the use of context-appropriate colors. IHVCA also engages in educational initiatives by hosting conferences and forums with the goal of establishing a global safety standard.

High Visibility Clothing Theory

People tend to associated high visibility safety clothing with ANSI 107 or EN471 standard garments.

How many of you would be willingly to wear this reflective safety vest in public? To be blunt, it is very ugly. Some people are forced to wear  it by law, because they don’t have other options of more safe and comfort alternatives.

There is a dangerous misconception that in order to be safe, you have to wear ugly garments. Many people would rather risk getting hit by a  car than wearing such clothing. Workers take off their ugly vests as soon as get off the work site.